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1. All ages are as of the competition date. If challenged proof of age will be required.
2. To determine age category for Groups,Lines,Duos,Trios add ages of all members and divide by number in group.Anything .5 and over moves to the next age category. Competition more than one age category higher or lower than chronological age prohibited. (Exceptions- Pantomime, Specialty,TV and Production. Also the addition of any member to a duo, trio,Group or Line provided this addition does not alter original age division).
3. Duos and Trios compete separately.
4. Groups(8 or less) and lines (9 or more)compete separately in Tap, Jazz, Specialty ,Lyrical ,Pantomime,and Hip Hop in age divisions 8-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18.
5. Ballrooms are open to the public. Free admission
.All cell phones must be turned off in Ballrooms.
6. Positively no entries will be taken at the competition.
7. Entrance fees must accompany all applications.Entries recieved without fees will not be acknowledged.
8. Parents and contestants are asked not to confer with judges in any manner.
9. We expect good sportsmanship from contestants and parents. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be cause for disqualification.
10. No prompting of contestants by teachers, parents or friends is allowed.Judges can deem this cause for disqualification.
11. Time limits are strictly enforced.Lines and groups - 3 minutes; Solos, duos, trios - 21/2 minutes,TV Commercial - 30 seconds, Production - 8 minutes. One point per second overtime will be deducted from score.
12.House lights will be the only lighting used. No special effects.
13. It is the responsibility of each participant to be on time.To ensure fairness all contestants of any one age division of a particular category must be evaluated by the same judges.
14. Music can be on tape  (which is preferred) or CD. In both cases back up music is a necessity. More problems arise from the use of CD's. TAPES MUST BE QUED.CD'S NO FINGER MARKS OR SCRATCHES.
15. Contestants may compete in age division of a particular category only once.
16. Pictures for Photogenic should be mailed with entry form. All pictures should be labeled with name, age category and school. Folders are not returned.
17.Entries must be postmarked by deadline date. Confirmation of entries will be mailed to teachers and independents two weeks following deadline.
18.Schedule of events will be mailed to teachers and independents two weeks before the competition.If not received by this time , please notify.
19. Modeling events include the following five categories:Formal, Sportswear, Loungewear, Swimwear, and Novelty Costume and are open to male and female contestants.No special music permitted with the exception of Novelty Costume.
J20. Mats are recommended for acrobatics/Gymnastics.
21.Pointe category is open only to contestants 10 years and older.
22. Vocal accompaniment must be on tape or CD. Background voices permitted but not with the melody.
23.Specialty category includes routines utilizing functional props, comedy, character song and dance, acting, any routine that does not fall under one of the other categories.
24. Props are permitted in Specialty, Modeling, Pantomime, Vocal, TV, Acro and Production only. Failure to abide by rules will result in a 15 point penalty. A functional
prop is a prop hand held and utilized in any way.
25.Pantomime is judged on lip synchronization, ENTERTAINMENT and AUDIENCE APPEAL.
26.Please edit or purchase edited versions of songs for use in competition.
27. Videotaping of anyone other than one's own contestant is prohibited.
28. Fire, swords and knives are prohibited.
29.Decision of judges is final and not open to discussion
30 Score sheets and pictures available following awards.